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We  are an Auckland Website Design Company but serving allover New Zealand with experience in not just designing but make websites that will work for your business or goals.  All our website designs are responsive (Mobile Friendly), include the first year of Website hosting free, business grade emails, forms that work so visitors to your website are able to send their requirements.  Once its live we include the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get your website ranking high.

We specialise in websites for small businesses. Why? Because small businesses generates a large percentage of New Zealand’s economy. All too often, small businesses struggle to compete against their larger competitors. These bigger companies generally have access to a large digital marketing budget — a luxury most small businesses cannot afford. Our mission is to help small businesses compete against large businesses, cost-efficiently. Our modern, responsive and affordable WordPress web design, combined with our low-price digital marketing strategies, help to transform small businesses into larger ones.

Our affordable small business website designs are all responsive. This means the content of your new website will automatically adjust to your visitors’ browsing device. Because of this, your new responsive website will look great — on desktop, tablet and smartphones devices and we only build WordPress websites with clean code. A website with clean code is critically important for search engine optimisation (SEO). Poor quality coding can cause page errors, which can massively slow down webpage loading time.  Check out the rest of what we have to offer. Website Design Auckland. We look forward to getting your call 027 309 1230 anytime.

Here is our Most Popular and Affordable Package for Small Businesses

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Who Are We?

I am a Auckland based WordPress designer with 8 years experience in giving my clients the right solutions online.

I came from an IT background and this also helps me to understand the full spectrum of issues that can affect website operations especially in the area of security.

Protecting your investment in a website is very important to me and this security is included in each website.

What We Do?

With well over 500 websites built and great 24/7 support, I am able to design and build a website that will work for you, showing your brand, offering easy-to-use functionality for your visitors, and search engine optimization to help you get noticed on the search engines.

We pay attention to detail, especially the look and user experience to make it simple to navigate and read the information.

How Do We Do It?

Standard package (Discounted to $690 + GST) Ideal for personal websites, small businesses, and startups. One business-grade email. Includes SEO.

Business package (Discounted $990 + GST) Ideal for businesses with business-grade emails that won’t let you down. (Office 365 or Imap/Pop), SEO.

Ecommerce package (Discounted to $1,290 + GST) Sell online, includes SEO with business-grade emails.


affordable websites


Our special price includes everything you need to go online. By having me design your website you will still someone who has a good eye for detail as well as great functionality and no extra charges on top for the first year. Hosting and website maintenance is free for this period.

affordable websites

Responsive (Mobile Friendly)

Responsive means the ability to change or adapt quickly. Basically, your website is built to be mobile and tablet friendly all within the one coding. With so many these days using mobiles while on the go, it’s critical to make sure your website is responsive.

affordable websites

Get Found Online Quickly

Its great to have a new website but unless it is high in the ranking on search engines like Google and Bing then your business wont reap the benefits on going online. We don’t charge you extra to make sure that you are found online. This is a saving of hundreds of dollars in your first year.

affordable websites

Great Designs

Just because we are cheaper than the rest, we still work only with quality themes. Every website we design we will try our best to make it better than the last one. We want you to be proud of your new website and also that the visitors coming to it have a great user experience.

Web design based in Auckland for small businesses, startups

Starting a small business and need help to get online?

If you are a small business you need a hand to get online.  We can help?   Because as web designers we have helped many over the last 14 years in Auckland and in other places around New Zealand who were in the same position as you are now.  Why not leave the total online experience to us to develop so you can get on with developing your product line or preparing your services?  If you are selling a service or some products online it’s easy for us to set up the payment side so you will receive the money for any sales directly into your bank account and at the same time you will be providing debit and credit card services to your potential customers without having to know how to do these things. Give us a call and we can discuss how we can help you to get online the easy way.

Why Clients Prefer Us

Quick Response

As soon as you connect with us. we will get back to you

Ontime Delivery

We value your time. We are known for ontime delivery

24*7 Support

You can reach to us through E-mail, chat, call 24/7

Affordable price

We understand that websites can be costly so our prices are reasonal

No Hidden Pricing

We are straight upfront with you. No surprises later on.

Free Google Analytics

We don’t charge you for integration of google analytics

SEO Ready

Our team makes sure Google is aware of your new website and that it will appear in the results as soon as possible

Call Now Button

All our websites has a one click to call you on mobiles

24*7 Support

You can reach to us through E-mail, chat, call 24/7
affordable websites Auckland for small business
affordable websites Auckland for small business


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affordable websites Auckland for small business
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We have had 14 years of experience designing and maintaining tradesmen's websites.  From Cleaners, Painters, Scaffolders, Builders, Plumbers, you name it we most likely have already got the experience to share with you.  In and around Auckland and the rest of New Zealand

Trades People's Website Design Auckland and all regions of New Zealand

Our prices for trade businesses are very affordable.  We are able to offer credit card facilities so you can pay to get it done right away.  We know that each trade has different requirements and then each tradeperson has their own additional extra requirements and we will be with you along the your journey.  Many of our past clients have been with us for over 8 years.  As they develop we have been able to continue to develop the online experience to make it continue to work with each business change.  Give us a call or send a message below to discuss your requirements and we will assist you.  Call us on 027 309 1230 Anytime. Affordable Websites (Auckland and all of New Zealand).

Benefits of our Web Design Services for Small Business

Become more creditable online with a website designed by Affordable Websites Auckland
Better Performance with Affordable Web Design Auckland
Increase your client base with Affordable Web Design Auckland

Upgrade Credibility


Increase Your Client Base

No matter how small your business, we create affordable websites that will increases your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness, while providing much-needed visibility.

Affordable websites incorporate conversion-driving elements to help generate the high-quality leads that produce sales and revenue growth.

Our mobile-friendly sites are easy to navigate and optimized to rank well in search engines, resulting in increased traffic and more customers. 

Increase User Engagement with Affordable Websites Auckland.
We work with Google to keep your Affordable Website Auckland running fast
SEO services by Affordable Websites Auckland

Enhance User Engagement

Boost Website Speed

Effective SEO

We are Affordable Websites promise our new websites will be user-friendly and engaging. Visitors will spend more time on the site and have a better user experience, which lead them to convert which is ultimately what most small business are looking for.

We maximize your page loading speed to prevent frustration, achieve higher search engine rankings and increase brand loyalty.

If you’re currently doing SEO or considering it for the future, you need a website built to support an SEO campaign. Our websites are fully optimized to drive results.  Contact us for more information about how we can help you get online on 027 309 1230

Make An Enquiry Or Request A Call Back

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Message From The CEO

Message from the CEO.  Hi there,  Dave Graham is my name and I have been designing websites for New Zealands small business owners and trades people.  As its 2024, some of you may be considering the opportunities to get on this year and look to making money. You have come to the right place. 

Our websites are affordable, bordering often on the cheaper side. We wont charge you more than is necessary to you up quickly and we wont through you a lot of technical jargon.  I learnt to dis-regard the technical jargon while working as a contractor to Telecom NZ (Now Spark). 

My reporting was to managers who in turm had to pass on the reports and updates to the top people running the show so I found talking with these internal clients without the jargon meant that I was sort after to get the real situation, mainly in relation to how it would matter to them.  

Some of my clients have been with me for for over 8 years now. They dont want to see lengthy emails, they just want to get on the phone and update then without any excuses so I promise the same with you if you decide to give opportunity to design and make live your next big idea, company, charity, trust’s website.

You can always call me direct on 027 309 1230 24×7. Dave Graham

Pay for your new website with a credit card through stripe.  Affordable Websites Auckland and all regions of New Zealand
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